About A1 Car Freighters

A1 Car Freighters is a family owned and operated business and we know the business of transporting cars. As a best kept industry secret, the service we provide is unique and unlike any other currently available.

Outstanding Service

A1 Car Freighters was established over 25 years ago. Through years of hands on experience and exclusive service to the Melbourne Motor Industry, our team has the skill and local knowledge to care for your vehicles throughout the entire transportation process.

Our particular attention to detail will meet your specific requirements, while the industry know how of our expert team will provide consistent and desired results every time we move your vehicle. We are flexible enough to cater to individual circumstances yet large enough to move volumes efficiently when required.

Professional Vehicle Care

A1’s Fleet of Operators are highly experienced and among the best in the Industry. Our impeccable team offers unbeatable service when it comes to knowing customers, maintaining safety, operating to standards, handling vehicles, finding locations, navigating roads and keeping to time frames. These factors combined with substantial industry experience will minimise risks and offer a smooth process.

Only the best drivers are screened, selected and trained to transport vehicles for A1 Car Freighters.  The business of cars is specialised and requires unique ability, unlike other fields of transport. Finding people who meet our criteria is imperative to providing a quality service to our customers.  With the right team you can be confident in the people that handle your vehicles.